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Financing Support

Every company requires capital to finance its growth, or in the case of start-ups, to even get started. While there are multiple methods of financing a company, it is typically not an easy process, and the optimal approach is a function of many factors, including the stage of the company, its core strengths and amount of capital required.  The financial world is very competitive, and with numerous projects seeking investors, it is important for companies and entrepreneurs to develop and present the best plans and to determine best strategies for securing the necessary capital.

While raising capital is the responsibility of the founders or the managers leading the enterprise, we understand how to assist them in pursuing this goal, leveraging our own experience raising money from individuals, private and venture capital equity funds, strategic partners, as well as banks, leasing companies and other lenders.

Boston MedTech Advisors advises clients in multiple ways, including:

Our experience includes funding companies started by our team, as well as assisting other entrepreneurs in financing their ventures. For a few examples of our team's efforts press Experience.